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How To Install A Ridge Vent For Metal Roofing

Before we can discuss how to install a ridge vent for metal roofing, let¡¯s first talk about what ridge venting is. Ridge venting is a continuous vent strip that is installed at the very peak of the roof. It requires a two to three-inch opening to be cut across the very peak of the roof, exposing the attic below. The ridge vent straddles that opening. The ridge vent is only half of the venting system if that¡¯s the venting system you¡¯re going to use. A ridge vent needs a continuous air supply from the bottom of the roof edge on both sides of the roof to work¨C often called soffit vents. The way this very simple, yet state-of-the-art system works air enters the attic at the lower soffit vent and using the heat of the sun as an accelerator, moving air up under the roof deck, washing the underside of the roof with fresh air, somewhat continuously. It¡¯s called a cold roof because the intent is for the temperature of the roof to be close to or equal to the temperature of the outside air.

Here are five solid reasons to be sure you use our Geit product in your new metal roofing system:

Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of an attic.
Promotes a cooler, drier attic.
Helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in insulation, structural wood, shingles and roof deck.
Helps prevent rotting, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint, and warped siding.
Provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption.
Below, we¡¯ve compiled some helpful tips on how to install a ridge vent for metal roofing:

Position a section of metal ridge cap over the peak of the metal roof, with the end of the ridge cap flush with one end of the roof peak. Mark a pencil line on the ridges of the installed metal roofing panels, using the edge of the ridge cap as a guide. Remove the ridge cap from the roof peak.
Pull off the paper backing from the face of an adhesive closure strip cut to match the shape of your roofing panels. Position a strip (with the adhesive, notched side down over the roofing panel ridges) 1 inch above the pencil line on each side of the roof peak. Continue applying adhesive closure strips on each side of the roof peak until you reach the opposite edge of the roof. Cut off any excess closure strip that hangs over the edge of the roof with a utility knife.
Reposition the metal ridge cap over the roof peak with the end of the ridge cap aligned with the edge of the roof peak.
Insert a magnetic 1/4-inch driver bit into a power drill. Drive one 2-inch self-tapping metal roofing screw through the metal ridge cap into each raised metal ridge of the roofing material. Each screw should be positioned 1/2 inch above the edge of the ridge cap and should be driven until the neoprene gasket on the screw begins to spread out from beneath the metal washer.

Add a second section of ridge cap to the end of the first piece, overlapping the first by six inches. Secure this second section of ridge cap as the first. Continue your way across the roof peak until you reach the far edge. Align the far edge of the ridge cap with the end of the roof peak, and allow any excess ridge cap to overlap the previous section before securing it with roofing screws.


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