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Retroseal ¡°Ridge Seal¡± for the shed or homes ridge cap

Helps vermin proof your shed, weather proof the ridge cap of your house or shed and even deters the entry of embers and sparks to your buildings roof cavity. This flashing can seal those gaps down to 3 mm or less for Bushfire attack level ratings helping achieve BAL requirements.Keep out dirt and leaves, birds, mice and other vermin too.


Designed to fit under the edge of your sheds ridge capping on gable to gable ridges. Ridgeseal comes in 762mm lengths to suit most roof sheet sizes and 700mm lengths to suit the longspan sheeting profiles. Reduce the gaps in your ridge to less than 3mm as per the BAL building guidelines for ember attack. Works best with Rolltop ridge cap or Ridge cap that has the shorter break bend. Now also available for Accent 21.


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